UL Listing

UL Listing

UL Listed

You may see the UL logo on our site and wonder, “What does this mean?”.

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a third-party, not-for-profit organization which, since 1894, has provided independent safety testing on approximately 19,000 different categories of electrical, mechanical and chemical products.

Their mission is to use exacting scientific processes while employing the highest ethical standards to create a safer, smarter, more secure, and sustainable world. Becoming UL Listed is voluntary, but reputable manufacturers, such as Shiplights, will submit their products for arduous testing . Once approved, products must be produced and quality tested in accordance with their rigorous standards. UL facilities are subject to unannounced inspections and product compliance testing.

UL Listing is an easy way to differentiate between reliable products. If a product does not contain the UL logo, you have to ask yourself, why?

  • Is it a cheap import?
  • Does it not conform to standards and will it be difficult to install?
  • Is it not safe to be in your home or business?

OK, so UL is a great organization, but what does this mean for you? You can be assured a UL Listed product:

  • Is constructed correctly for safe use within your home or business
  • Has the correct wire sizes and can handle standard US current
  • Follows all electrical codes and has standard sizes for a safe and easy installation

So, when you see the UL logo on Shiplight’s products, you can be assured that each product line has been tested and periodically re-tested to ensure that the rigorous standards for both dry, damp and wet installations are being met.

If you would like more information about UL and how it relates to our lights, please contact us.